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Take the free BPM Maturity Assessment now.

With our online, anonymous, assessment tools you will:
  • Get weekly feedback from all participants in your project
  • Be empowered with a 360degree snapshot of how the project is performimg
  • Measure: Politics, Communication, Scope, Time, Effort, Utilization, Skill Base, Training Needs, BPM Awareness
  • Monitor Business Strategy Alignment against I.T. implementation
  • Become proactive in addressing issues before they impact the project
  • Enjoy graphical reports on the "health" of you project
  • Anonymous reporting ensures a more more open and honest participation
  • Offer real collaborative project environments, where everyone can have their say
  • Receive points of view from all participants including Vendors, System Integrators, Subject Matter Experts
  • Measure your BPM initiatives against the BPM Maturiy Model
  • Incorporate ADKAR within the assessments to align with your Change Management Process

Become "fire resistant" rather than perpetually putting fires out!

Take the free BPM Maturity Assessment now.

BPM Assessment Tools provides an online anonymous assessment application allowing all project members (from Architects, Programmers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Steering Committee, Project Sponsors etc) to be able to anonymously give their feedback on the current project (on a weekly basis) thereby ensuring problems are identified quickly and managed in good time providing an agile project environment and more successful BPM Project.

Contributors to the assessment are ensured anonymity to provide a more open and honest project assessment.

Amalgamated results are made available through graphical reports.

BPM Assessment is vital for the life of your BPM Project, this website provides BPM Assessment and Project Assessment Tools which incorporate elements of 360-Degree feedback, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and BPM Best Practice. Accelerate your positioning in the BPM Maturity Model by offering our online Assessment Tools to your BPM initiatives.

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The following table shows the key BPM Vendors / Players as picked by Gartner in 2009. Our BPM Web Links section has more information on each of them

Appian EMC
Global 360 Fujitsu
IBM Oracle
Lombardi Software
Software AG
Tibco Software

Adobe Systems Ultimus
Ascentin Polymita Technologies

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