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The User Experience

Persona Design

"Persona derives from the Latin word for an actor?s mask as worn in Roman and Greek theatres. The essence is that one person can play many roles or take on multiple personas. Most visitors to a typical web site have several such personas as they usually have several agendas. The art of site design is to avoid confusion between these personas as they strive to complete their goals and the tasks they are being asked to carry out. So in a sense to prepare the user for intricate tasks we must support their cognitive goals along the way. Hence we must ensure they consider they are in the right place by working with their dominant persona for that task."

The extract above is from Paul McKey at Red Bean describing Persona Design in Learning Systems.

The User Experience within a Business Process Management Solution must cater for each Role participating within the process ensuring the "right tools" are presented to the "right user" at the "right time" so that user can perform their tasks efficiently.

In other words, as a user accesses their (on line) work area, that work area should dynamically change to meet the needs that the particular Role demands, bear in mind, most users may have more than one Role within the process.

Good User Experience Design incorporates this "Persona Based BPM" approach to the forms (and screens) the user will be interacting with.

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