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BPM Maturity Assessment
The following assessment will allow you to assess where your organisation is positioned within the BPM Maturity Model as described by Jeston and Nelis in their book "Business Process Management: Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations " Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

To begin with we ask a few questions about your BPM experience, then we will ask a series of multiple choice questions made up of 5 the Capability Areas in each of the 6 BPM Core Critical Success Factors.

By taking this assessment, the results will give you an idea of how "you" percieve your BPM initiative to be. It is highly recommended that all members within your BPM initiative take this assessment in order to give a more "complete" view of where your BPM initiative sits in the Business Process Management Maturity Model.

Answers for this questionnaire will be presented in the format of:

We have few/none.../ this does not exist presently(Lowest Rating)
There are repeatable.../ some element of this exists(Low-Mid Rating)
There are well defined.../ this exists and is documented(Medium Rating)
We have fully managed and well defined.../ this element is documented
and managed well.
(Mid-High Rating)
.... are highly optimised../ this is both managed and has
continuous improvement
(Highest Rating)
My role has no visibility in speific area...Unable to answer
We will email the results to you to the email address you provide on the next page
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